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Each project we take on is characterized by our three uncompromising principles: aesthetically pleasing, practicality and functionality.

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Interior Design Consultation and Project Management Services

  • Karpentree Studio is a Singapore team of designers and project managers with years of experience and expertise in the interior market’s needs and expectations.

  • From redefining spatial plans to the final touch of decorative details, our designers are trained and specialised to guide our clients seamlessly from design conceptualising to project completion, with a high level of dedication and professionalism parallel to Singapore’s renowned standard of service. 

  • Our clients are our partners. It is with this synergistic philosophy of a design-build partnership that our customers are able to have peace of mind to make confident decisions with us while our team is committed to every proper and timely execution of all works.

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Home Styling and Furnishing Services

  • Embark on a journey of aesthetics and beauty for your interiors.

  • Our decorators are qualified to have an eye for the right furniture or decorative pieces to infuse added textures and details to elevate the visual interest of your style and space.

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Bespoke Design

  • Create a piece of furniture that is tailored for your needs, tastes, and lifestyle. 

  • Our bespoke pieces are truly an an extension of your personality. 


  • A bespoke furniture is more than just an object. Each joint, curve or finishing borne as part of a narrative from a design concept, a technique or even material.

  • As a customized furniture is made especially for you, a unique connection makes you part of its story. This priceless piece in turn becomes part of yours – a favorite heirloom to pass on for generations to come.

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